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Dan Cederholm
Dan Cederholm

Co-founder @dribbble. Designer, accidental-entrepreneur, and cautious advencherer. Dad in real life. Available for limited logo design projects.

  1. Ships Whistle Coming Soon typedesign font simplebits
  2. Rise up. Show up. Unite! riseupshowupunite
  3. Vault Alarm font sans-serif font typedesign simplebits
  4. Parkly Font typedesign font simplebits
  5. Advencher Catch + Release Club sticker badge vector advencher
  6. Bindle Logo logo design branding logo vector
  7. 3 new tees! apparel tshirt simplebits
  8. More Stickers vector patch sticker simplebits
  9. Stickers! stickers simplebits
  10. Parkly Font parkly typedesign font simplebits
  11. Parkly Test #2 parkly font typedesign simplebits
  12. Parkly Test typedesign font typeface simplebits
  13. Ampersandwich vaultalarm vector illustration simplebits
  14. Brandy branding simplebits advencher
  15. Conker it. vaultalarm illustration simplebits advencher
  16. Vault Alarm! vaultalarm font typedesign typography type simplebits
  17. Introducing Vault Alarm typedesign typography type vaultalarm advencher font simplebits
  18. Vault Alarm Test sanserif typeface vaultalarm typedesign font type simplebits
  19. Vault Alarm typography gothic typedesign font
  20. Things badge patch illustration advencher vector
  21. Outside stuff for inside people stamp seal vector illustration advencher
  22. Measure once, cut twice badge patch illustration vector advencher
  23. The book is shipping! puppet book simplebits advencher
  24. Three patch illustration advencher vector
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